Emergency stain removal
Emergency stain removal
Do you have children or love to entertain your friends and family? Then accidents will happen. Best thing to do is not panic or mess with the issue. Contact us today and let us solve your problems in Menorca.
Carpet & Rug Cleaning
Professional carpet and rug cleaning in Menorca. Using the latest Kärcher liquid extraction technology and eco-friendly chemicals. Stain removal or just a deep clean. Once the rug or carpet has been cleaned it is ready to be used within hours. As the extraction removes +95% of the water used in the process.
Your Menorca cleaning service
Your Menorca Cleaning Service
Using the very latest in professional level Kärcher cleaning equipment. We are here to make your life easier. With the power of steam or high pressure water plus some environmental friendly chemicals. Let us make your stains or grime just disappear. We are small but mobile company, fully licensed and insured to offer you a first rate service. We are able to tackle the deep cleaning of patios both tiled and slabbed. Plus the ability to clean glazed tiled floors and walls with very little mess. Having an issue with a stain on a couch, sofa, rug or carpet also no problem.
Alloy wheel cleaning
Alloy wheel cleaning
When we have a nice car, we are always proud when it's clean and sitting shining in our driveway. Often the most frustrating part is the cleaning of the alloy wheels. We are able to give your alloy wheels a beautiful clean using professional chemicals and extreme pressure. Giving you looks you require whilst cruising in Menorca.
Yacht / Boat Upholstery
With the cost of purchase and replacement involved in yacht or boat seating, upholstery or carpets - Spray extraction cleaning is the answer. Allow us to view, suggest and quote for a professional deep clean of your boat carpets and seating in Menorca. We are here to clean a small stain, complete rug or if necessary a complete upholstery clean.
Floor Tile Cleaning
Floor Tile Cleaning
Restore your Menorca house or villa's floor tiles back to their like new state. After a pre-treatment with environmentally safe chemicals. This is followed by 170 Bar rotating enclosed pressured water jets with excess water extraction. Giving your floor tiles a beautiful clean look and feel.
Patio & Slab Cleaning
Patio and Slab Cleaning
External surfaces are just as important as those in side your villa or house. Give your patio or slabbed area a makeover this spring. Let us pre-treat and then clean your patio surface. We can also treat for algae or mould that will last several months. Concerned about the waste water from the cleaning process - We are able to vacuum extract the waste water during the cleaning process.
Steam Cleaning
Steam Cleaning
Using only the power of high pressure steam no chemicals we can effortlessly clean tile grouting and glazed tiled floors. Due to the nature of steam cleaning the surfaces are left very fresh but also germ free due to the heat of the steam. Give your Menorca villa's glazed tiled floor or walls a steam clean this spring.
Car seat cleaning
Car seat cleaning
Looking at cleaning your car seats or have issue with a spillage/stain on your car rental seats. Then we are able to assist in the removal. Maybe it's time to give your Menorca taxi, bus or coach seats a new lease of life ready for the summer season. Using gentle but powerful chemicals plus powerful spray extraction we can make things almost look like new.

Professional cleaning services Menorca | Carpets, Rugs, Sofas, Couches, Boats and Cars

Professional carpet cleaning services in MenorcaYour answer to your cleaning problem has been solved. Stubborn-Stains.com has arrived in Menorca. We are here to make your cleaning problems go away and stay away. Using the latest environmentally friendly chemicals and combining this with the latest Karcher Professional and AirFlex Storm equipment we can power through your cleaning and stain removal issues. Also using the power just water we are able to rotary clean your prized patio or slabbed area ready for the blistering summer ahead. Steamed off with that dirty tile grout or badly burnt on food in your oven or hob then let us use high-pressure steam blast away that grime for you.

Boat and car upholstery and seat cleaning | Cleaning services Menorca

Our range of services is quite vast and above in the images, you find explanations to some of them. Plus using our menu you can quickly navigate to our key areas. Whether you require patio blasted or car seats cleaned or even just your family sofa and couch gave a lease of new life. Why not drop us a line below and see what difference we can make to your surroundings. Our prices are very reasonable and often done in less time than quoted saving you money. As a rough guide – Generally for a 2 or 3 seater sofa with an average amount of shall we say ‘sat-in dirty’ we would quote 2 to 3 hours at a rate €25,00/Hour + IVA

Stubborn-Stains.com are here to offer you help and support when you most need it. We have the equipment and the know-how to make sure stains disappear.

All our equipment is the very latest floor and upholstery cleaning technology from Kärcher Professional and AirFlex (UK) Turbo.

Remember, next time you need floors and patios cleaned, rug or carpet cleaning then contact stubborn-stains.com - Your Menorca cleaning solution. Click here to download our leaflet in English and Spanish.

Kärcher Professional 4/4 Steam Cleaner
Kärcher Professional Puzzi 10/2 Adv Upholstery Cleaner
Kärcher FR30 Me Floor Cleaner
Kärcher Professional HD 5/17 Power Washer
Kärcher NT 48/1 Vacum Cleaner
Kärcher Hose Reel

Specialist cleaning, Emergency cleaning or just simply let's make it shine | Stubborn-Stains.com - Your Menorca cleaning specialist

Whether you need a stain or emergency spillage removed/cleaned from a carpet or rug. Your villa's tiled, paved or decked patio giving a little bit of polish for the summer season. Maybe your seat in your car or rental needs a clean due to an accidental spillage or simply to put life back in the old girl. Maybe your kitchen or restaurant tiles need a long over due deep clean. It really does not matter what your issue or problem we can generally find a solution or a process to help you.

The Contact

Once you feel that you require our services why not get in touch and discuss how we can help. The best way for us, is always email or use the contact form below.

The Quotation

We always prefer to come and see the job in person. This way there is no misunderstanding or confusion. Then a written emailed quotation will be issued.

The Job

After accepting our quotation we will discuss a suitable date for the job and we arrange any additional chemicals etc. On small jobs payment is made on the day but on larger projects a deposit will be required.

Why not drop us a line and see if we can help you with your stubborn stain.

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Patio cleaning
  • Deck cleaning
  • Floor tile cleaning
  • Wall tile cleaning
  • Alloy wheel cleaning
  • Boat upholstery cleaning

When contacting us try and give us as much information as possible. Exact or descriptive details of the stain or cleaning project. Also, consider giving a 'Google Maps Drop-pin' of your location so that we can estimate costs quickly just incase a pre-visit is not required.

We will aim to get back to your with a reply in 24 hours or less. And all information given is kept strictly confidential.

Click here to download our leaflet in English and Spanish.

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