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Professional Carpet, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning in Menorca

Wet extraction cleaning for your boat and house carpets, rugs, sofas and upholstery across Menorca, Spain.
We also offer car seat and carpet cleaning along with deep cleaning of alloy wheels.

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Carpet, sofa & Upholstery cleaning services |

Your answer to your cleaning problem has been solved. has arrived in Menorca. We are here to make your cleaning problems go away and stay away. Using the latest environmentally friendly chemicals and combining this with the latest Karcher Professional and AirFlex Storm equipment, we can power through your cleaning and stain removal issues. Also using the power of just water we are able to rotary clean your prized patio or slabbed area ready for the blistering summer ahead. Steamed off with that dirty tile grout or badly burnt-on food in your oven or hob then let us use high-pressure steam to blast away that grime for you.

Boat & car upholstery plus seat cleaning | Cleaning services Menorca

Our range of services is quite vast – Whether you require patio blasted or car seats cleaned, or even just your family sofa or couch is given a new lease of new life. Why not drop us a line below and see what difference we can make to your surroundings.

Just some of our amazing cleaning services offered

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Professional carpet and rug cleaning in Menorca for your house or boat. Using the latest Kärcher and AirFlex Storm liquid extraction technology plus eco-friendly chemicals. Stain removal or just a deep clean. Once the rug or carpet has been cleaned, it is ready to be used within hours as the extraction removes +95% of the water used in the process.

Upholstery cleaning in Menorca, Spain.

Yacht & Boat Upholstery Cleaning

With the cost of purchase and replacement involved in yacht or boat seating, upholstery or carpets – Spray extraction cleaning is the answer. Allow us to view, suggest and quote for a professional deep clean of your boat carpets and seating in Menorca. We are here to clean a small stain, complete the rug or if necessary complete the upholstery clean.

Car seat and upholstery cleaning in Menorca, Spain

Car Seat & Upholstery Cleaning

Restore your car or vehicle’s interior with a deep and satisfying clean. Using a combination of high-pressure steam, wet extraction and environmentally sound chemicals. We clean the car’s dash and plastic facia areas, along with the seats and carpets.

Alloy car wheel cleaning in Menorca, Spain.

Car alloy wheel cleaning

Often the alloy wheels on cars are overlooked. With modern car washes, only the outer face is cleaned with vertical rotary brushes. The end results are often a bit of a letdown and make the overall appearance of your vehicle less than perfect. Using aggressive but gentle chemicals, we can eat away are all the grime and brake dust – leaving you with wheels almost as good as new.

A clean boat is a happy boat | Boat Cleaning Services in Menorca

When organising a large yacht ready for the owners and/or guests to arrive – Often the carpets or upholstery need to be professionally cleaned. At Stubborn-Stains we have the know-how and equipment to clean those cleanable boat carpets, rugs and upholstery. Using naturally-based chemicals without bleaches, soaps and detergents we are able to offer an outstanding clean at a very affordable price.

Our spray extract machines can recover over 95% of the water used during the cleaning process; thus your boat carpets and upholstery is ready to use that day. After an initial survey and quote, we can start cleaning from 08:00 in the morning if required and offer a 7-day-a-week service. No heavy machinery is brought onto your boat or yacht. We can run up to 150 feet of vacuum and solution hoses from the dock or quay. Power can be taken directly from your yacht or a suitable shore supply. During a normal day’s boat cleaning operation in Menorca, we require 3x 220/240 AC single-phase connections. Carried onboard our vehicles are plenty of extension leads and shore power adapter plugs. Plus of course access to some freshwater.

Boat carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned in Menorca |

Carpets and upholstery are cleaned by firstly applying a pre-spray of one of our environmentally sound products. This is then agitated using rotary brushes or carpet pile hand brushes. Once agitated the boat carpet or upholstery is left to dwell for 10 to 20 minutes depending upon level dirt and staining. Finally, it is extracted using either cold or heated water. Generally, no additional chemicals are applied to your boat carpet or upholstery thus leaving it in a soft and healthy PH state.

For all your carpet and rug cleaning services in Menorca contact today – WhatsApp: +34 636 113 094 (English) or email us.

Carpet cleaning services in Menorca | Stubborn Stains

Stubborn-Stains is your premier carpet and rug cleaning specialist located in Menorca. We are based in Trebalúger in the southeast corner of the island giving perfect access to all areas. Along with carpet cleaning services in Menorca, we can also offer offsite rug cleaning services. Rugs would simply collect from you on say day 1 and generally returned to you, subject to dry in 24 to 72 hours. Rug and carpet professional cleaning services are not just for homes, villas and apartments. It can also be for boats and yachts.

Carpet cleaning services for homes, villas and yachts in Menorca

We use the latest extraction cleaning machines from both Kärcher Professional Range. Plus the British made and designed AirFlex Storm units which are amazingly powerful offering a very deep and professional carpet cleaning service.

Our carpet cleaning passion

After the initial call (mobile, WhatsApp or email) from our prospective client, we arrange to meet and view the job. On arrival, we discuss with the client their needs and inspect the carpet or rug that needs cleaning. We can visit all areas of Menorca from Mahon (Máo) to Ciutadella. When we have assessed the carpet or rug we will issue an emailed quotation with 24 hours.

After the quotation for our specialist carpet cleaning service in Menorca has been accepted a suitable date will be arranged. On arrival, the carpet will be vacuumed to remove any loose debris. All spots and stains pre-treated. Then a pre-spray is applied to the carpet. The carpet is agitated with brushes or mitts then left to dwell for a few minutes. Once everything is in order, using powerful professional spray extraction machines we rinse and remove all dirt and debris from your carpet.

Spray extract carpet cleaning is a unique method of upholstery and fabric cleaning ensuring that your Menorca carpets and fabrics are well cared for. The spray extraction machines force high pressured chemicals and water at up to 400 PSI deep into the pile. Immediately this is vacuumed out or extracted using suction at around 300 inches of water. Thus taking away the dirt and debris but leaving very little moisture in your carpet and enabling fast drying.

For all your carpet and rug cleaning services in Menorca contact today – WhatsApp: +34 636 113 094 (English) or email us.

Clean fresh and tidy | Clean sofas and couches in Menorca

With the price of sofas and couches ever on the increase, there is no need to suffer from a dirty one anymore. At Stubborn Stains, Menorca we are able to visit your home, survey the situation and recommend a suitable course of action. Using our specialised sofa and couch cleaning equipment we are able to bring some life back into your Menorca sitting or living room.

Often after a quick vacuum and run over the couch or sofa’s affected area with our industrial/professional spray extraction machines we have smiles all around. Should there be a need for using pre-treatment chemicals we only use environmentally safe ones. Once we have cleaned your couch or sofa you will be able to sit on it within hours as the spray extract machines remove on average 95% of the water they put down.

Spray extraction | Stain removal and deep upholstery cleaning

Stain removal when cleaning couches and sofas is tricky a fair and absolutely no guarantee is given that we can remove it. Often stains from food or ladies make-up will never be completely removed due to the harsh chemicals that would be required. Thus they would also stain or remove your existing couch or sofa colour.

You can only imagine the issues we would have in trying to remove a ‘red/orange curry sauce’ stain from an off-white couch. So, please let’s use the dining table or sit outside 🙂 whilst eating. Cleaning your couch of general day to day grime is OK along with split drinks and marks left by your dog. Drinks containing tanning such as red wine or tea/coffee need special attention.

OK, so you have had a spillage | Don’t panic, start damage control

Let’s look at what you should do the moment a mishap occurs or your little darling/house guest throws food everywhere. Below are 5 guidelines that you should try and observe prior to us coming and giving our beloved Menorca couch or sofa a clean:-

  • All spills and stains should be treated as quickly as possible to help prevent permanent staining.
  • The longer a spot or stain remains on the carpet or fabric, the more difficult it will be to remove.
  • Always remove any solid matter first by using a spatula, or blunt knife edge.
  • Spills and fresh stains should always be blotted with clean, white, absorbent towels, napkins or tissues. Never use coloured towels or tissues.
  • Apply towel or tissues with firm pressure – Keep blotting and repeat.

For all your carpet and rug cleaning services in Menorca contact today – WhatsApp: +34 636 113 094 (English) or email us.

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