Clean fresh and tidy | Clean sofas and couches in Menorca

With the price of sofas and couches ever on the increase, there is no need to suffer from a dirty one anymore. At Stubborn Stains, Menorca we are able to visit your home, survey the situation and recommend a suitable course of action. Using our specialised sofa and couch cleaning equipment we are able to bring some life back into your Menorca sitting or living room.

Often after a quick vacuum and run over the couch or sofa’s affected area with our industrial/professional spray extraction machines we have smiles all around. Should there be a need for using pre-treatment chemicals we only use environmentally safe ones. Once we have cleaned your couch or sofa you will be able to sit on it within hours as the spray extract machines remove on average 95% of the water they put down.

Spray extraction | Stain removal and deep upholstery cleaning

Stain removal when cleaning couches and sofas is a tricky a fair an absolutely no guarantee is given that we can remove it. Often stains from food or ladies make-up will never completely remove due to the harsh chemicals that would be required. Thus they would also stain or remove your existing couch or sofa colour.

You can only imagine the issues we would have in trying to remove a ‘red/orange curry sauce’ stain from an off-white couch. So, please let’s use the dining table or sit outside 🙂 whilst eating. Cleaning your couch of general day to day grime is OK along with split drinks and marks left by your dog. Drinks containing tanning such as red wine or tea/coffee need special attention.

OK, so you have had a spillage | Don’t panic, start damage control

Let’s look at what you should do the moment a mishap occurs or you little darling/house guest throws food everywhere. Below are 5 guidelines that you should try and observer prior to us coming and giving our beloved Menorca couch or sofa a clean:-

  • All spills and stains should be treated as quickly as possible to help prevent permanent staining.
  • The longer a spot or stain remains on the carpet or fabric, the more difficult it will be to remove.
  • Always remove any solid matter first by using a spatula, or blunt knife edge.
  • Spills and fresh stains should always be blotted with clean, white, absorbent towels, napkins or tissues. Never use coloured towels or tissues.
  • Apply towel or tissues with firm pressure – Keep blotting and repeat.

As it says above to clean up as much as you can without any scrubbing, don’t panic and give us a call. Let your Menorca specialised cleaning services company, help clean your sofa or couch back to good health – WhatsApp: +34 636 113 094 or Email us.